Monday, October 17, 2016

Source code for Nanoproremote and Nanostation are available on github ...

This is long overdue, but the source code for the nanopro remote control and the nanostation is now available on github under GPL licence.

The reason it was not released earlier is that I don't consider that it is good enough to be released but since the hardware is public, I might as well release the code.

so here are the github link :

Nanoproremote :

Nanostation :

The workstation for this projects is a Debian Testing PC with an outdated version of Eclipse and the AVR plugin. The compiler is the avr-gcc from debian.
It should work under eclipse under windows with the avr-gcc from Atmel website.

I think I pushed all the history with it so you can see this is a spare time project and what a lousy programmer I am ...

Enjoy, modify,  improve ...

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